Monday, August 22, 2011

Being An Artist = Being A Kid Again

Why is art always a given for kids?

Perhaps art could help adults chill out a little bit - relax and stop rushing around so much.

Kids have it handed to them.

Kid parties, art in school, kid art kits. Why should they have all the fun?

Why can't an adult have a party where everyone creates an art project?  Would it be weird? What if you ended the night with indoor gymnastics and trampoline jumping?

Not fair.

And why can't adults get free art classes paid for by taxes, like kids do in school?

OK we shouldn't go there.

But today I have rebelled. I have purchased 2 kids art kits (for me) and they are going to be fun.


  1. I love it and totally agree. I miss going to school, I miss doing art projects, I miss learning and being creative. Good luck on your two art kits, should be fun.

  2. I totally agree! How I would have loved to have a craft store around when I was a kid. Instead I was gluing buttons on cardboard! I'm trying to have this year all about MY art projects. Visit me at thx for your funny post on what is so true! :)


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