Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Artists Create Fantasy

Something I've been thinking about lately is that most of my happy memories as a child surround fantasy.

For example, the fantasy of Christmas (holidays), the fantasy of pretend play with friends, the fantasy of magical forests (woods near our home), the fantasy of stories (i.e. The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe), the fantasy of wide open fields and flowers and sunshine, the fantasy of waterfalls and swimming, the fantasy of building outdoor or indoor forts, or exploring, or acting in a play or painting a picture, playing games, or making a craft to hang in my bedroom. The fantasy of books, movies and TV. Even church takes on a form of fantasy and magic to a child. As a pre-teen the fantasies move on to boys, and music and a future of happy ever after.

But as we get older we are told to put away childish fantasies and live in reality. We even start watching the news and reality TV.

This can be a bitter pill. Life can become only about responsibility and day to day drudgery.

Artists; however, refuse to give up fantasy. Because they realize that fantasy is the creation of a magical and happy life. They create the stories, the paintings, the fashions, the photographs and these all contribute to the fantasy of the artists choosing. They create a fantasy home through creativity and color. They make people feel certain moods. They continue to act or sing or create music. They create fantasy in nature and in city environments. They make holidays magical again. They create the settings for people to thrive and connect and open their minds. They create limitless possibilities.

Anyone can have this creative outlook towards fantasy even if you are unable to write music or paint a masterpiece. You can still create fantasy by using other people's art or by creating simple projects or reading stories or putting together fashions or taking pictures. You can still hike in the woods or explore new places with an attitude of awe and wonder.

Keeping a mind toward fantasy is an artist lifestyle and one that will keep you floating above the dreary realists, enriching your life and those around you.


  1. yes. (that is all) k. ;)

  2. I like the post. Been Having similar thoughts. I have believed in the Artist's Life since I read The Crap Artist by Phillip K Dick.


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